Best Mobility Scooters Reviews in 2019 (Electric & Travel Scooter)

A mobility scooter for your family member like grandpa/grandma/mom/dad can give extra moving freedom if there are somehow unable to move freely.

Sometimes they wish to go outside, grocery shop or traveling with family members. However, all the time they cannot walk. Moreover, for these awkward situations, mobility scooter is the best solution. It will help if you consider some crucial things before buying a scooter.

There are lots and lots of scooter in the market. Some are expensive but have more features. Some are cheaper, but they don’t have the features you need. Moreover, we are here to display you different kinds of mobility scooter.

You can pick one from below what is best suitable for you and your family.

Best mobility scooter

Top Rated Best Mobility Scooter 2019

Top 10 Mobility Scooter Reviews in 2019


It has some eligibility to satisfy your choice. This medical scout is lightweight, compact and easy to move wherever you want to move.

It is perfect for disassemble. So if you plan for a long trip, you can take it along with you. This scooter disassembles very quickly into five handle pieces for transporting into a car, van or truck very efficiently.

This four-wheel version is very stable in rough and tough outdoor surfaces. If we talk about battery power, you will be able to run approximately 9 miles on a full charge with 12AH battery.

        Features and Benefits:

  • Padded Delta tiller.
  • Large, plastic carry basket.
  • 300-pound weight ability.
  • 12AH battery.
  • 94 pounds in weight.
  • The charge capacity of 15 miles with upgraded batteries.
  • Quick and easy disassembly.
  • Quick connect batteries.
  • Ergonomic throttle control.
  • Height-adjustable swivel seat.
  • Anti-tip wheels.
Kew Specs
  • Top Speed: 4.25 mph
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 94 lbs.
  • Most massive Piece: 39 lbs.
  • Drive Range: 9.00 miles.
  • Little heavier.
  • A little bit flimsy.

Best mobility scooter for both indoor and outdoor use. You can fold it up and place into a car or in any transportation. It has a removable battery so that you can change the battery whenever you want. There is an automatic braking system, a crucial glimpse, a smooth pull throttle, and a valuable battery gauge. It can be easily manipulated in narrow corridors. Moreover, you are getting the puncture-proof tires, so you don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire.

Most importantly, it is more than an ideal choice for, if you live in apartments or bungalows. Because it is fully folding, it has the capability of a reverse switch, Automatic barking system and so on. We will discuss the key features and specification later on.

        Features and Benefits:

  • It can range up to 9 miles/ 14.4 km on a single charge.
  • Load Capacity – 253 lbs/ 115 kilogram.
  • The electronic barking system enabled.
  • 100% folding.
  • Reverse switch.
  • Clutch throttle.
  • Battery gauge.
  • Key Ignition.
  • Easy removal battery.
  • Puncture proof tires.
  • Easy transferable like a car, air, etc.
  • Maneuver in narrow corridors.
  • Battery: 10 AH * 2.
  • Turning Radius: 41” (104 cm).
  • Controller: DYNAMIC DR50.
  • Front Wheel Size: 150*30 Solid.
  • Rear Wheel Size: 200*50 Solid.
  • Seat height: 60 cm.
  • Seat width: 44 cm.
  • Handlebar height: 72 cm-95 cm.
  • Drive system: Direct drive the rear wheels.
  • A mix of Plastic.
  • Hardly intuitive to fold and unfold.
  • Downright ungainly.

Xtra Hybrid Travel Scooter, The newest version of a favorite line of scooters from Zip’r mobility. It is the best travel mobility scooter. The secure transport system, as well as assembles as the most durable piece, is just 33 lbs.

It is wire free connection, headlight standard, and adjustable seat arms. It incorporates all the things you need.

        Features and Benefits:

  • Swivel seat included.
  • Wire-Free Connection facilities.
  • High Gloss paint job enabled.
  • Lightweight for Easy Portability and transferring.
  • It has 4″ of more Leg Room than Standard Zip’r.
  • Batteries Included.
  • Rotating seat.
  • Flat free tires.
  • Drop and go battery box.
  • Headlight.
  • Easy transport.
Key Specs
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 107 lbs.
  • Seat Depth: 16”
  • Seat-to-Floor Height: 17.5”
  • Overall Width: 19”
  • Overall Height: 40.5”
  • Overall Length: 40.5”
  • Front Wheel size: 7.5."
  • Rear Wheel size: 7.5."
  • Wheel Type: 3-Wheel.
  • Turning Radius: 40”
  • Max Speed: 4.2 mph.
  • Driving Range: 10 Miles.
  • Number of Batteries Included: 2 Lead Acid.
  • Battery Type: 12V 12Ah.
  • Warranty on Frame: Three Year Limited.
  • 250 weight limit restricts.
  • The handle can be challenging to use.

The highest weight capacities in its class, I’m talking about The Pride Go-Go Sport S74. It is holding up to 325 lbs. It has the long-lasting battery of 18AH. Sport S74 is elementary to disassemble.

You can also remove it into five lightweight pieces. You are going to get the facilities to use it both indoor and outdoor.

It is compact and straightforward to transport. You can take it to your daily needs like shopping trips, museum, daily errands and more!


  • Delta tiller enabled with wraparound handles.
  • Two sets of shrouds – red and blue.
  • For additional storage, you are getting deck basket.
  • 18AH battery pack.
  • Feather-touch disassembles facilities.
  • Two charger ports included One on the tiller and another on the battery box.
  • Non-scuffing tires.
  • Pride’s exclusive black.
  • Top Speed: 4.70 mph.
  • Drive Range: 14.00 miles.
  • Most substantial Piece: 44 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs.
  • Weight: 96 lbs.
  • Seat width: 14.”
  • Armrest Options: Flip-Back.
  • Wheel Type: Four-Wheeled.
  • Battery Charger Type: Off board.
  • Disassembles: Yes.
  • Delta Tiller: Yes.
  • Height Adjustable Seat: Yes.
  • Transportable: Yes.
  • Expedited Shipping Available: No.
  • Shaky.
  • Little bit light.

Travel Pro Premium, the best economical scooter you will ever have with some great features. You are getting an exceptional travel mobility scooter at a reasonable price.

It is easy to transport, sharp turning radius and smooth drive. This Travel Pro Premium easily maneuver around every corner of hallways and doorframes. You are getting it as compact enough for using travel time.

        Features and Benefits:

  • The most significant piece only 27.5 lbs.
  • Seat size 17” * 17”D.
  • Disassembling into five pieces.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Flip-back armrests.
  •  Easy Maneuverability.
  • Transportable designed.
  • Comfortable.
  • Adjustable height.
  • 6.3 mile at a top speed of 4mph.
  • Top Speed: 4.00 mph.
  • Drive Range: 6.30 miles.
  • Most massive Piece: 27.5 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Weight: 92 lbs.
  • Seat Width: 17”
  • Max seat to ground height: 21."
  • Max seat to deck height: 17.25."
  • Wheel Type: Three Wheel.
  • Front wheel size: 8."
  • Rear wheel size: 8."
  • Overall width: 19.5.”
  • Overall length: 37."
  • Battery type: 12AH.
  • Battery Charger type: Off board.
  • Drive type: Rear-Wheel Drive.
  • Weight without batteries: 73.50 lbs.
  • Battery pack weight: 18.50 lbs.
  • Charging Port Location: Battery Box.
  • Quick ship: Yes.
  • Disassembles: Yes.
  • Flip-back armrests: Yes.
  • Height adjustable seat: Yes.
  • Transportable: Yes.
  • Battery Included: Yes.
  • Foldable: NO.
  • Suspension: No.
  • One-hand operation: No.
  • Horn is pretty anemic.
  • It's Small if you have a significant body.

Are you searching for a light and reliable best electric mobility scooter for active travel? Then we are offering you EV Rider Transport Electric Mobility Scooter.

You should think 2nd time before buying a scooter whether it is movable to a car, plane ship or not. This is the scooter what is travel-smart features added.

You are getting long-lasting acid batteries. Moreover, it is no volatile, unlike lithium-ion batteries. This EV Rider has plenty of features for security and safety.

        Features and Benefits:

  • 12 to 15-mile range per charge.
  • Digital Display.
  • Removable seat.
  • It can be stowed upright in any closet or corner.
  • Unique design.
  • One, two, three-step folding or travel scooter.
  • Powerful 270-watt motor.
  • Easy to lug around at home.
  • It has beautiful metallic paint, three different colors.
  • Broader and deeper seat with proper ergonomic.
Kew Specs
  • Overall length: 36." & Width: 21”
  • Deck height- Floorboard to floor: 6.5."
  • Ground clearance: 2.4."
  • Turning radius: 32.3:
  • Drive Range: 9.00 miles.
  • Folded overall length: 31." width: 19." & height: 18."
  • Seat type: Folding backrest.
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours.
  • Driving range: 12-15 miles
  • Color: Metallic Blue, Burgundy Copper, and plum.
  • Tiller Type: Height adjustable.
  • Throttle control type: Digital wig-wag.
  • Anti-Tipper wheels-rear: Standard.
  • Best for the hard, smooth floor.
  • You can ride 4-5 hours in a charge.

Planning to buy a mobility scooter which is easy to disassemble then Pride Mobility Go-Go is the best choice. You can put on every car and airplane quickly because of its lightweight. So if we talk about easy disassembly, it is the right one.

Ergonomic design, yes it prevents overextending when you are driving, and your finger will get comfort. Let’s talk about the battery. It is one of the toppers.

It has two 18AH batteries by what you can move around 14.5 miles. Moreover, last but not least, you can use it for indoor and outdoor both places.

        Features and Benefits:

  • Feather-touch disassembly.
  • 9” rear wheels.
  • Delta Tiller.
  • 18AH battery.
  • Comes with two colors.
  • Stable, front frame-mounted.
  • LED lighting.
  • Speed up to 4.5 MPH.
Key Specs
  • Top speed: 4.50 mph.
  • Turning radius: 45.75”
  • Drive range: 14.50 miles.
  • Weight capacity: 300.00 lbs.
  • Armrest options: Flip-back.
  • Wheel type: Four-wheeled.
  • Front wheel size: 8." 9."
  • Overall width: 21.25.” height: 40.25."
  • Battery type: 18AH.
  • Battery charger type: Off board.
  • Drive type: Rear-wheel drive.
  • Charging port location: Battery box.
  • Quick-ship: Yes.
  • Disassembles: Yes.
  • Height adjustable seat: Yes.
  • More significant battery option: Yes.
  • Expedited shipping available: No
  • Power elevating seat: No.
  • Battery life is poor.
  • Careful to keep charge fully when going to long distance.

Here we are presenting to you a 2 in 1 mobility scooter at a reasonable price. Tzora – Classic lexis light is Folding featured as well as a lightweight mobility scooter.

The most cumbersome part of this scooter is only 29 lbs. You can think it is world’s most Adjustable, Portable and user-friendly scooter available. Total weight of Tzora is 28 kg or 62 lbs. It is ergonomically designed. Easily and quickly foldable.

Moreover, most importantly you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Wheels are non-marking and never go flat.

        Features and Benefits:

  • Quick, Powerful, Safe, Stable.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Don’t need to bend or lift heavy parts.
  • Great product for indoors and outdoors use.
  • Wheels are non-marking.
  • Wheels never go flat.
  • For comfort, it is ergonomically designed.
  • Easily detach the battery and carry inside for recharging.
  • Compact design.
  • Ultra lightweight.
  • Fit able easily into car, truck or any transportation.
  • Folded.
Key Specs
  • Overall width: 22.” length: 40."
  • Product weight: 62."
  • Most large piece: 29 lbs.
  • Seat depth: 18.5."
  • Seat width: 18.”
  • Max. Speed: 4.8 mph.
  • Turning radius: 29."
  • Ground clearance: 3.65."
  • Wheel type: Flat-free PU 200*50.
  • Battery type: 7AH.
  • Battery weight: 13 lbs.
  • Battery Range: 5 miles.
  • Charging time: 7 – 10 Hours.
  • Charger: 110V or 220V.
  • The handle is uncomfortable.
  • Very lightweight.

In this era, Who doesn’t like an automated machine? Maybe you can fewer. Here we are showing you a mobility scooter that the most innovative automatic folding scooter.

Relaxation, Sit back facilities and let the wireless remote do all the tough work for you. Just one click of a button can fold and unfold your scooter.

There is no bending or straining your back to disassemble your bike. The remote does all the things you want! 


  • Remote control.
  • Automatic Folding as well as unfolding.
  • Ultra-portable.
  • Lithium Battery.
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Perfect travel companion.
  • Airline approved battery.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 53 lbs.
  • Seat Width: 17”
  • Seat-to-floor height: 22.”
  • Overall width: 18.1.”
  • Overall length: 36.9."
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow.
  • Front wheel size: 6."
  • Rear wheel size: 7."
  • Wheel type: 4-wheel.
  • Turning radius: 55."
  • Max climbing angle: 15 degrees.
  • Max speed: 3.75 mph.
  • Driving range: 13.5 miles.
  • Warranty on frame: One year limited.
  • Warranty on electronics: One year limited.
  • Warranty on batteries: Six months limited.
  • Heavy to pick up in the car.
  • Uncomfortable for a long legged person.

Pride brand always has been an ideal model for scooter lover. If you are looking for the best mobility scooter for off-road, this is the right one.

That is easy to transport, and it has proper maneuverability. It will give freedom of travel whether you want to go to shopping, around the house or sight-seeing.

You can say it is the best mobility scooter for steep hills too. It is offering you an adjustable height to suit users nearly all kinds of height.

        Features and Benefits:

  • The most significant piece only 27.5 lbs.
  • Seat size 17” * 17” D.
  • Disassembling into five pieces.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Flip-back armrests.
  • Easy Maneuverability.
  • Transportable designed.
  • Adjustable height.
  • 3 mile at a top speed of 4mph.
  • Comfortable.
  • Top Speed: 4.00 mph.
  • Drive Range: 6.30 miles.
  • Most massive Piece: 27.5 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Weight: 92 lbs.
  • Seat Width: 17”
  • Max seat to ground height: 21."
  • Max seat to deck height: 17.25."
  • Wheel Type: Three Wheel.
  • Front wheel size: 8."
  • Rear wheel size: 8."
  • Overall width: 19.5.”
  • Overall length: 37."
  • Battery type: 12AH.
  • Battery Charger type: Off board.
  • Drive type: Rear-Wheel Drive.
  • Weight without batteries: 73.50 lbs.
  • Transportable: Yes.
  • Height adjustable seat: Yes.
  • Too small.
  • Virtually no leg room.
  • Cramped for overweight.

Types of Mobility Scooters:

Buying a mobility scooter is a tricky process. You will have to think second before buying it. Because it is too annoy to change a scooter after purchasing if you understand that it is not fit for you. To understand and find out which scooter is most suitable for you is essential. It is sure that none want to spend his valuable what they don’t need. 

Mobility Scooter Tips

Many people discovered their problem with a scooter after taking the scooter. It is time disconcerting when a necessary thing you cannot use in time. Some people like a foldable scooter, some electric, or someone like a motorized remote controlled mobility scooter. However, the most important things are that it will have to be safe and convenient for you. The usability of the product should be friendly. Their tons of mobility scooter you will see in the marketplace, but everyone is not for you. Therefore, We are here giving you some idea what type of mobility scooter is the best to suit you. Stay with us.

  • Three-Wheel Mobility Scooter:

This model of the scooter is best suitable for home and shop. Especially when you are at home, it is convenient to move around your house. This makes you easy to move and maneuver. Three-wheel mobility scooters are not entirely as stable as four-wheel scooters because they include Anti-Tip wheels for safety.

  • Four Wheel Mobility Scooter:

Are looking for the most stable and safe mobility scooter? A four-wheeled is the right one. It is durable and secure because it has two front wheels and two rear wheels. These four wheels will give you more stability and safety. Moreover, if you have some balance problem, these four wheels medical scooter will provide you with full support.  

  • Foldable Mobility Scooter:

It is exceptional. It can make portable and perfect for the use of public transport and travel. You can fold it up into extremely transportable space. Making easy transportation is number specialty of this. There is a wide variety of range on this model. When you have a scooter like this, you will have independence. Because you will not have to worry about moving your scooter. You can transport it on car, airplane, train and by anything you want.

Mobility Scooter ( Key Considerations When Buy )

When you have planned to buy a mobility scooter, you will have to take something in an account. After purchase, you should not think about whether it would be better or not. So here I’m presenting some certain things what everyone can follow to buy the best mobility scooter.

  • Budget and Cost

When you know your financial limitations, you can save your time by comparing the mobility scooters in your suitable range. On average, you can get somewhere between 600$ and 1500$ for a brand new mobility scooter. The final price depends on your requirements like on the size, model and design. Moreover, you should also take in consideration that there is the maintenance of your scooter and this has some cost.

  • Comfort

Feeling comfortable is extremely important. Moreover, you should take it seriously. Support becomes even more critical when you are going for a long-distance journey. Make sure your body fits into the chair; you have enough legroom.

  • Easy Handling and Portability

This another one of the essential issues to pay concentration when you are planning to the best portable mobility scooter from the marketplace. You should check twice whether it fits easily into your car’s deck. Read product features carefully and check it has secure handling method or not.

  • Battery Range

We know rechargeable batteries power that battery scooter. The field is the most important things to consider when you are buying a mobility scooter.

  • Storage

That is why compact and fordable mobility is demandable. Our house is always full of furniture. To place a scooter is not easy at our home. However, fortunately, if you have a fordable bike, you can take it anywhere in the house. On the other hand, if you have garage storage, then you will not have to worry about how big your mobility scooter.

Is a Mobility Scooter Right for You?

There are plenty of reasons why someone of your family member chooses to use a mobility scooter. For people who are facing difficulties for moving around, a mobility scooter is a freedom for them.

A mobility scooter gives them a chance to go for shopping desires, sightseeing. A mobility scooter can also replace a motor vehicle, and it is safe too. Yes, a mobility scooter can give a family member some temporary assistance to someone recovering from an injury or operation for what he/she cannot walk. 

When You First Get Your Scooter:

We are suggesting you that your first operating your mobility scooter somewhere free of traffic and barrier.

Practice carefully starting, stopping, turning up, turning down, going up, going down. Make sure you know the operating system correctly and if not, read carefully the user book you have been provided.

This is very important to have insurance paper to protect you from theft or damage. Moreover, remember one thing, your mobility scooter will need to be serviced annually to make it running well.

Most of the dealer will charge you an annual servicing cost between 70$ and 120$.

Charging Your Mobility Scooter:

When a plan to go outside with your favorite mobility scooter, you should check the batteries are fully charged to get the most out of it. Turn off the scooter power switch. 

Connect the charger carefully to the charging port located in your scooter and plug it to the power board. Red or orange LED light indicates that your mobility scooter still needs a charge. When the sun will become green, disconnect the charger from charging port and then from the power board. A mobility scooter takes 8-10 hours to be fully charged.

Moreover, Staying Safe:

Before you move to a trip, check twice your battery is fully charged, your breaks are working correctly.

Additionally, sometimes if you are traveling outside you probably seen by traffic and other pedestrians. Use your indicator light when it is necessary. Make sure your mobility scooter is not overloaded.

Don’t put too many accessories or bags; otherwise, it will make discomfort your journey. You should consider breakdown coverage because sometime you may plan to be taking your scooter out for long trips.

Finally, be familiar with your usual route and know it properly. Before entering on the highway do some practice on your public place. Happy journey. 

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