Top 10 Best Trick Scooters Review 2019 | Exclusive Buying Guide

An easy question always pops up in our mind about what is the best trick scooters? Before going to the discussion, we should go to the background of this discussion.

In vying with people, the number of vehicles is increasing. These vehicles emerge as a blessing to mankind, at the same time; these also have a negative impact. As an alternative medium, we can use the trick scooters.

It may use for daily commuting to near distance or may use for entertaining/leisure purpose. Before buying a trick scooter, you should preference, your need and comfortability.

This article is equipped to meet your demand about best trick scooters. Let’s go to our core discussion.

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The VOKUL Best Pro scooter is very well built. It is Solid scooter and has the smooth, silent ride of a scooter twice the price. You get a very durable and smooth ride. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t rattle at all, it’s smooth and looks very cool. 

Awesome scooter though had an issue with a bubble in the grip tape. Moreover, this  is a very good scooter for beginners. I bought it for myself as a first scooter and it is amazing. The only little problem I have is that the wheels go a little slow and it does not fit 120mm wheels.


  • Solid 120mm Alloy Core Wheels.
  • Noise-free Brakes, tough T-6061 Aluminum Deck.
  • High Rebound 88A PU Wheels and One-Piece T4T6 Fork.
  • The vocal Meta kick scooter is equipped with ABEC-9 bearing.
  • The handlebars (24” x 23.5”) with thicker 145mm Soft rubber Grips.
  • Your kids will look super cool on their Vokul Meta freestyle scooter its snake design, smooth glide and fresh graphics.
  • The vocal scooter came already dialed.
  • The Vokul Meta Pro Scooter is for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • The handle cars are also tall enough.
  • It rides very smoothly.
  • You get this at a lower price.
  • You will be replacing the headset within 6 months of trick riding..
  • Replacing wheels and spacers within 8 months due to soft metal spacers that “ovaling” out.

Razor A5 quality is solid. Aluminum welds a neat and even. Anodization is good quality. The grip tape on the deck seems as though it will last. Stability seems to be improved with the larger wheels, and this scooter is more tolerant of small obstacles.

The larger wheels roll right over a small sidewalk bump, twig, hose or other small obstruction that would bring a smaller wheeled scooter to a sudden crashing stop.
I’m confident this scooter will last for several years without a hiccup.


  • The Wheels are made of extra large 200mm urethane for taller riders.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck comfortably supports riders up to 220 lbs
  • Patented Rear Fender Brake
  • Patented Folding System
  • Extra-large urethane wheels equipped
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Foam Grips
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Built for larger riders
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 35 x 21 x 41 inches
  • No assembly required
  • It’s very quiet and the steering is easy and smooth.
  • The entire scooter is simple to break down.
  • It glides very, very smoothly across various kinds of paved surfaces.
  • The grip tape is also very nice.
  • Do not try and ride this scooter through rough terrain.
  • It’s become scary in wet pavement.
  • Handlebars is locked in securely, but a little loose.

This is a great product with an amazingly smooth ride, but more importantly, this is a great company. This is the second scooter that we bought and they have been amazing. When your scooter stem broke from very, very hard riding. If you email them and they replace it the next day.

I would recommend the scooters to anyone. The wider handle bars and deck are perfect for a beginning trickster. It is well made and the white portion of the deck will be dirty immediately, but that’s not a problem. Great trick scooter for a great price!


  • The PRO X-3 is lightweight, durable and sturdy.
  • The Brake is durable and noise-free.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Deck.
  • High Tensile Steel V-Bars.
  • 100mm Cast PU wheels with Fuzion Metalized ABS.
  • Suitable for entry level riders.
  • Durable and dialed Threadless headset.
  • This scooter is so fun and made sturdy.
  • It is super easy to assemble.
  • You feel like a smooth ride.
  • It is durable and easy to put together rides great.
  • The grip tape does start to peel off after a few days.
  • The headset is growing very worse, so the deck does not spin very well.
  • The wheels are cheap and did not last long.

Very solid scooter compared to the Razor scooter that your son broke jumping off curbs. Just by looking at the construction of this scooter, you can tell it was built to withstand abuse. However, after comparing this T Fox scooter to other ones there is a clear difference in build quality and performance.

At a price point not too much higher than the knock off “pro” scooters. We’ve had both and this is definitely the better piece of equipment. You can easily assemble it and the well-made scooter.


  • It is trusted by world champions, street demons and side-walk riders.
  • The newly designed Kink Bar,
  • Huracan HIC fork
  • 110mm Lucky Lunar hollow core wheels
  • Killer graphics are sure to turn heads at the skate park.
  • Weight is just 7.9 pounds.
  • Using aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Deck measures 19.5 x 4.25 in (495mm x 108mm)
  • 5-degree head tube angle
  • Fully integrated Lucky REVO headset
  • This lucky is very solid and smooth by comparison.
  • Extremely well-built scooter.
  • It is very quiet, unlike the cheaper scooters, very well-made.
  • The wheels get flat spots.
  • It is so costly.

The scooter is sturdy and relatively light. It’s also much faster than any of your old scooters. Phoenix construction is very well and look great. It is easy to set-up and rides well. I’d recommend this brand – for the price, it’s a huge jump in quality and speed.

Teenager loves this scooter! Takes a beating on ramps and the streets! You are really excited to get it as it is a major upgrade from old Razor and can’t wait to try it at the skate park.


  • Suitable for beginners/ intermediate level riders.
  • Very light weight (9.0 Ibs) and made for tricks.
  • Deck – 4.25″ Wide x 19.5″ Long
  • Fork – Reinforced Hi-Tensile Steel “Burner” Fork
  • Headset -Fully Integrated with Phoenix Top Cap
  • Handlebars -22″ Tall x 20″ Wide Hi-Tensile Steel T-Bars
  • Wheels -110mm 88A Alloy 7-Spoke Design
  • Brake – Phoenix Flex Brake
  • Griptape – Phoenix Grip with Bird Logo
  • Grips – Classic Phoenix Grips
  • Clamp -31.8mm Standard Smooth Double Clamp
  • This stands up to lots of rides and tricks.
  • Great quality and good for beginner tricks.
  • The Rides are smooth and seems to be fully functional.
  • You can assemble it less than 5 minutes.
  • The Wheels will break after some days.
  • It makes a noise.

Very well built scooter! This scooter has done very well at the skate park. Its flat bottom is great for sliding on rails. Easy to jump because it is lightweight.

It whips is very good and is a smooth scooter. You will able to do the tricks that your wants and enjoys it. It has threaded forks so you can not tighten it up very hard without seizing up the rotation of the bars.

Overall its a decent scooter for the price, but I would not recommend it if you are a pro. But I would recommend it to new riders getting started in the community because of its strength and looks.

Vokul’s customer service was responsive and agreed to replace the scooter. Hopefully, it will last longer this time.


  • Made for entry level performer around( 7-8 years old).
  • Made of 6061 Aluminum with Reinforced Heat Treated Forged Plates in Deck.
  • Batwing bar is 4130 Chromoly with Triple Clamp to Ensure Stability and Safety.
  • S2 is lightweight, super-tough and equipped with quality parts to help kids build their basic tricks skills.
  • It’s effortless to assemble it,only three bolts to tighten.
  • Great starter scooter for the skate park. Able to hang with the pro scooters which are 250-350, and only pay 64 bucks
  • Solid construction, well built. Great welds points.
  • Lightweight and great for my kid learning to do tricks and stunts at the park while being stable and quiet while riding on the street.
  • Grips are sturdy and seem like they will last.
  • Even though it doesn’t have metal wheels, these wheels are awesome, high quality.
  • The bar can twist without the wheel moving very easily.
  • The grip tape isn’t super grippy, making it bad for vert tricks.
  • The deck is super heavy, making it somewhat hard to do spins, but still keeping it from breaking.

This scooter completely exceeded my expectations. It is completely amazing and very smooth while riding.

It is a very light scooter which makes it easy to do tricks. It is 32″ tall from the ground and already dialed. You get the durable and super easy and fun scooter. It rides so smooth and is light enough to get off of the ground for tricks. 

This very well assembled scooter. You loved it but now the deck is super noisy, but when you ride it it’s super smooth the front wheel is a little squeaky, but it’s not a problem the grips are terrible when wet aka sweaty but I would recommend this scooter. Overall, it is a great scooter.


  • Made for entry level performer around( 7-8 years old).
  • Made of 6061 Aluminum with Reinforced Heat Treated Forged Plates in Deck.
  • Batwing bar is 4130 Chromoly with Triple Clamp to Ensure Stability and Safety.
  • S2 is lightweight, super-tough and equipped with quality parts to help kids build their basic tricks skills.
  • It’s effortless to assemble it,only three bolts to tighten.
  • This is a good scooter for beginners with basic riding and stunts.
  • This was a very quality and affordable item.
  • Rides real smooth and you can do all sorts of awesome tricks.
  • The handle bar keeps turning/stripping.
  • The handle bars are really long

This scooter is amazing; it is very sturdy and was dialed when you first get it. This is amazing for doing tail whips and many other tricks and really light and a perfect size for anyone under 5.5. It is so quiet and such a smooth ride.

This scooter is great. It is lightweight and easy to use. Perfect for the transition from a rising scooter to trying out new tricks.

My son prefers it to using his skateboard. This is a great product. I credit the great ride and stability of this scooter. Great price for a solid trick scooter!


  • Top Pro Scooter in Amazon’s Best Value section.
  • 6061-T6, 19.5” L/4.25” W aluminum deck.
  • IHC Integrated compression system, sealed headset bearings,
  • Fuzion’s Chisel one-piece tough Steel Fork.
  • Larger Chromoly Drift Riser Bar. Oversize Hex Grips, Nylon Bar-Ends.
  • New noise-free and easy to adjust nylon/steel Triad brake.
  • Heavy duty 6061 Aluminum Clamp with two 6mm bolts.
  • Fuzion’s new Trace custom 5 spoke 110mm aluminum core wheels with high rebound 88A PU.
  • Super-fast Fuzion ABEC 9 bearings.
  • For Beginner to Intermediate level riders.
  • You get 110mm Aluminum Core Wheels.
  • Threadless Headset.
  • This scooter breaks apart within first 2 months.
  • The back and front wheel need to be tightened to the max.

Vokul K1 Pro Scooter is designed for intermediate and advanced riders. It features a Y-bar and made of 6061 Aluminum, the deck has reinforced T6 heat-treated forged plates. The hub and spoke is CNC molded aluminum to add strength. The wheels are made of durable, high rebounding 110mm PU 88A metal core wheels.

The Rear wheel is covered by a Fender/Spray Protection made out of 65 Mn steel for brake, this material specially hardened, tough to ensure effective brake.


  • Handlebar- 3″L x 22.3″W CrMo4130 Hydraulic Pressure Handlebar.
  • Deck- 6061 Aluminium reinforced heat treated (T4/T6) Forged Plates.
  • Headset- Hidden internal HIC sealed Headset system.
  • Fork- 185mm Threadless fork is the perfect length for HIC fork system.
  • Wheels- 110mm aluminium core wheels with 88A high rebound PU.
  • 4 MM Alloy Triple Clamp
  • 220 lbs Max Weight
  • Bars are huge I love it very wide.
  • The deck is wide and I have a lot of grip.
  • The wheels are so smooth.
  • Wheel breaks off after several days of use.
  • It is making strange noises.

The design of the PRO X-5 scooter “appears” well. The wheels are above average. The Bearings are ABEC 9 which is above average as well. The bar is strong and the 3 bolt clamp is average in quality for this price point. This is fast and rugged. This is dialed and ready to ride right out of the box. The PRO X-5 features high-tensile steel V-shaped handlebars with Fuzion’s composite rubber grips for maximum grip and comfort. You like the solid handlebars, and that it doesn’t fold.

The footboard is a little bigger and more solid. The overall construction of the scooter is very well put together, and very solid.


  • Deck Size: 20” L/4” W 
  • High Tensile Steel Reinforced V-Bars
  • Material Type: 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Fork: 3D Stamped One Piece Steel
  • Headset: Integrated Sealed
  • Grips: Oversized 123mm Fuzion Grips
  • Bars: 21.5” H/18” W, High Tensile Steel V-Bar
  • Wheels: 6061 Aluminum 100mm 85 Cast PU
  • Bearings: Fuzion super-fast ABEC 9
  • Skill Level: Entry to Intermediate Level
  • Brake: Nylon/Steel Brake
  • Weight Capacity, Maximum: 220 lbs.
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs.
  • The assembly is super easy.
  • It's light and easy for you to do tricks.
  • The headset bearings and cups inserted within the decks headtube are loose fitting.
  • Nuts on tires are constantly coming loose and bearings are shot pretty quickly.
  • The grips don't last long.

How to Choose a Best Trick Scooter?​

Best Trick Scooters

The motive of a trick scooter

The first thing you should think what is the motive? Such as-

  • For daily commuting or
  • Weekend leisure

Purchase Consideration

  • How easy or hard to handle it.
  • How fast or far, go to each slide.
  • How comfortable is it.

Technical features

  • Wheel size
  • Bearing quality and grade
  • Deck size
  • Deck height (distance from the ground)
  • Folding mechanism
  • Suspension (shock absorbers)
  • Bicycle-style hand-brakes (or the lack of it)
  • Other attachments (trick stand, carry strap)
  • Overall build quality

Also you attention about Safety 

Which are Best Pro scooter Brand ?

Before buying an eco-friendly scooter, you must have seen the scooter’s brand and which scooter’s brand provides the best service?

Here we discuss the best scooter brands and the decision is up to you, which brand you pull. Let’s see those brands-

  1. Razor Scooters

It is well-known for the best scooter’s brand. There is no question about its product quality and appearance. This brand created a huge sale (approximately 5 million) within 6 months after launching the brand. Its appealing design also attracts people.

  1. Fuzion Scooters

Its journey started in 2006. Since it is known for kick scooters and entered into the market with 4 wheel scooters. The Deck is large enough to stand comfortably. All customers welcomed this brand.

  1. Lucky scooters

This brand is captivating their customers for custom-made scooter parts. As a newly brand, the brand is enough innovative minded.

  1. Phoenix scooters

Customers known quickly this brand since it started its journey in 2009. There has a R& D team who checks the product before launching it. They, basically, produce large deck and wider wheel scooter.

  1. Envy scooters

They are basically well-known as two names- blunt and envy scooter. Its quality is good and attained huge popularity. Now, it is one of the best trick scooters in the world.


Which trick scooter you can buy, it is absolutely your choice. But before you buy, you must consider the factor which is described in this article. You should buy those trick scooters which can fulfill your demand. We try to give you an overall scenario about the best trick scooters to buy. Thank you to stay with us and also thanks for reading. If you have any question doesn’t hesitate to leave a comment. We are always with you.

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