How to Ride a Scooter for the Very First time and Be More Confident on a Trick Scooter!


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How to Ride a Scooter for the Very First time

Want to become more confident in riding on a trick Scooter and perform something that will make you seem like a seasoned pro? Well, the answer lies in right there, become “confident”. But for most of us, that isn’t something that can be done without some push in the right direction. Some of the people seem to like to be born confident.

While for the rest of us doing tricks on a stunt scooter can seem like a faraway dream. Even if you own the best stunt scooter it doesn’t matter until you become more confident. But don’t worry all great men (or women) must start somewhere before their way to greatness. So here is the game on your way to become more confident and get the hang of it.

How to Ride a Scooter for the Very First Time

Make Sure to Put Your Protective Gears on

It can be a great confidence booster to know that you won’t get any serious injuries if you fail. Fear of falling is reported to be less felt by the athletes even when they don’t feel like wearing it. So put your gears on to reduce the chance injuries. It is also offloaded stress from your mind and make you feel more confident.

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Visualize it Before You Try

Whenever you are trying any difficult new trick, one thing that will always help is to visualize in your head. It may feel a bit strange. Especially if you haven’t done any mindfulness activities before.

Try to quiet your mind by focusing intently into what you are going to do and how you will do. If you find it too difficult and get lost into the chatter in the back of your mind, one simple trick is to follow the pattern of your breath. You will be able to get a more focused state of mind quickly.

Visualization and mindfulness are a few-thousand-year-old practice by the eastern monks. Now it has been adopted into every kind of profession you might think of, from athletes to CEOS of big corporations

Use Fear as Fuel

Fear is merely an emotion to keep us safe from dangerous elements out there in the wild. But luckily we don’t have to face what our ancestors had to face. Nowadays, fear is something that doesn’t need to hold you back. It’s something that can be used as a fuel to do more and be more active in whatever that is you are trying. Is it riding the trick scooter in the way you hadn’t tried before or learned a new trick?

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Push Beyond the Comfort Zone

Confident on-a Trick Scooter

What happens when we intently try something we are not so good at or doesn’t, have good command, our brain becomes our worst enemy. Always self-criticizing isn’t exactly helpful to become more confident on the trick scooter. It is why it’s crucial that you don’t give in to your negative emotions and instead keep trying. As a human, we are more prone to listen to our negative emotions. But in reality, it’s just some mental obstacles you have created to protect yourself. When it is not recommended to try something dangerous, you should try to step outside of your comfort zone and push forward.

Don’t be Too Harsh on Yourself.

It’s okay to be a bit harsh on yourself, but too much of self loathe over anything do you any good. So learn to take your failures gracefully, especially when you are trying so hard. If you listen to the rational part of your brain, its way more comfortable to focus on things you need to improve. Work hard on those things rather than constantly beating yourself about what you are doing. If you can’t figure out what mistakes you are missing, take the help of any friend. They will gladly do it and won’t probably as harsh as you do to yourself.

Final Verdict

Best way to become more confident on a trick scooter is just to let you go with the ride and actively pursuing yourself to the cause. Yes, you might fail and also fall several times, but you must take it with dignity because all the great people we see that are doing tricks and great stunts on the trick scooter were just afraid of it, just like you. But the fact is that they didn’t give on it and kept practicing until one day they just started to do better and be confident.


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