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The popularity of scooter has seen a huge surge in recent years as you can go anywhere without worrying about the heavy traffic and it’s quite easy to get started for many.

But it is only fun when you are an experienced rider and all. If not, we have gathered here some of the best tips you can use when learning to how to ride a scooter without getting yourself killed!

Basic Scooter Riding Techniques

How to ride a scooter and Bike

Here are several proper scooter riding techniques that are pretty basic but they can certainly you to get started with it. Keep in mind that you might not need to follow the exact road map but it has proven to help many.


Riding scooter is actually easier than riding a motorcycle. You will not be in trouble to corner as it is easier to open up your inside knee. This technique allows you to turn sharper and get the most control out of your scooter. In this process you do not have to lean into the corner just angling the knees outward will help. And opening up your knees will help you more to steer your scooter to the corner.


Most of the time lever tension of brakes is different from one another in different scooters. It also will depend on the shape and size of your body and how you can handle it. Holding the bars and keeping your fingers on the brake lever requires fitness or cunningness.

Advanced skills:

You need to know about clutch engaging by keeping the engine off. Try to practice engaging the clutch using the left lever. Put your scooter in first gear and then shift to neutral. Then you can turn on the engine and pull slowly on the throttle. Then you can slowly let go of the clutch.

Practice gear shifting from with the first gear, when you are confident about it engage to a higher gear. Keep checking speed by shifting gear up and down. And is very important to know when you need to shift.

How to Ride a Scooter for the Very First Time

  • First of be confident and determined that you are going to do it.
  • Try to take all the safety measures or you may hurt yourself.
  • Hold the brake and press start button to start the engine.
  • Accelerate slowly by turning the right handlebar
  • Try to balance the scooter with your weight, you may understand if you have ever ridden a normal bicycle.
  • For slow braking use the front brake and to stop completely use back one.
  • If you lose control of your scooter let it go or you are going to face accidents.

Scooter Riding Tips for Beginners

  • Try to keep the balance as balancing is the key to ride a scooter
  • Scooter may get wobblier when it is going slow. So ride it with more speed to balance better.
  • Get to know accelerator better.
  • Watch out accidental acceleration when you are trying to break. Be careful so that when you brake, your right-hand doesn’t also twist backward accelerating the bike.

Scooter on Safe Riding Tips for Beginners

  • Always wear a good quality helmet and bright clothing so that people notice you while riding.
  • Wear elbow and knee pads
  • Obey speed limit all the time. Do not go speedier than you skill or you are going to face an accident
  • Do not ride a scooter with someone else until you become more experienced. It is already going to be tough for you to balance yourself. The additional weight will make it hard to corner. This is a mistake people make while learning how to ride a scooter, be aware.
  • When you are new do not go to bumpy roads as you may lose control there.

What is Kick Scooter and How Can They Help?

Kick scooters are a fun way of learning balance and risk management. it is another type of scooter but It is recommended to not go to bumpy roads or rod that are filled with holes with a kick scooter. There is certainly a risk of facing accidents if you are going in areas with more vehicles. Just like another type of scooters wear helmet, knee and elbow pads while riding it to maintain kick scooter safety. Avoid riding kick scooter at night as people cannot see you much and this situation can get dangerous before you even know!

How to Ride a Kick Scooter for Beginners

  • After taking all safety measures put your hands on handlebars. One foot should be on the ground and the other in the central point of the deck.
  • Use the left foot to push the ground and move forward slowly. Do not push too fast, go steadily.
  • Balance yourself to keep your scooter on the road and drive to the shorter distance and improve techniques.
  • To stop the scooter slightly press it down and keep your foot on the brake.
  • Turn the handlebar finally and keep practicing.


No matter how much you read or esquire techniques of riding, you cannot simply learn it until you hit the road. So, hit the roads with your scooter and make sure to utilize techniques we gave you here. Happy riding!

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