Mobility Scooter Daily life Tips for Safety Maintenance and Driving


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Being a physically disabled person doesn’t mean you are stuck in one place. Though sometimes can become a big obstacle for moving around places. A mobility scooter is a big help for people who have mobility issues. It gives them the ability to move around from places and smashes away all the complications. But using a mobility scooter comes with its perks and also some responsibilities as well. If you don’t have any idea about mobility scooter safety tips, it can lead to dangers. But fear not we are going to give you some tips on safety, maintenance, and driving so let’s get started.

Ensuring the Safety for Mobility Scooter

Choose one that suits you the best

It’s better to be sure before getting a mobility scooter. Talk to your physician whether you are mentally and physically fit for it. You can talk to an occupational therapist before purchasing the mobility scooter too.

Be cautious and wear bright cloth:

Be alert about your surroundings. Do not expect that people will always notice you. Always look if there is any car reversing or parking to avoid a clash. Also, wear bright cloth so that people see you or they might crash you mistakenly. It’s one of the   Mobility Scooter Safety Tips that everyone has to follow to be safe.

Follow the rules accordingly:

Do not ever ride on the road as it can be hazardous. If there is no footpath available for you to use, then you might take that risk. But the rules are just like other pedestrians. Use signposted spots for crossing the roads. Do not drive the scooter more than 10km/h on your scooter.

Protecting your scooter:

Rain and extreme temperatures are the main threats of a functioning mobility scooter. So you need to protect it from all these things. If your scooter has seat cover made of leather, then put a lid on it as well. Use seat covers, waterproof shells and protective accessories to save from getting damaged.

Clean your scooter often:

As your scooter will ride you on roads, a lot of dirt accumulates in it. The dust and gunk can shorten the life span of your scooter. So clean your scooter often and keep it dry afterward. Do not forget to clean the underside and battery pack. Many people keep the outer part clean and neglect underside. It can result in damage to the scooter and its kind of the rule of thumb of

Mobility Scooter Maintenance Tips.

Check your battery every month:

The battery provides charge to the device, and it is the most critical part for the scooter and its health. Take care of the part where the cell is placed. Check if the battery is alright at least once every month. Most of the batteries of mobility scooter are rechargeable. So follow a strict regime for charging the battery. Whenever you are charging the battery charge it for 8 to 10 hours straight.

Keep checking wheel bearings and tires:

If you see any noticeable difference on the tires of your scooter note it and talk to technicians about it. Wheel bearings of the scooter even nuts, bolts and fuses should be checked every month for safety. These things will keep you going so do not be lazy to test them.

Things you should know before start driving:

You will be considered as a vehicle driver

Most Mobility scooter drivers have no idea they are considered as a vehicle rider according to the law. They are also subject to specific rules. The rules will apply according to how far you are going or what road you are going to use.

The difference in rules

The most essential Mobility Scooter Driving tips you will get is that they are categorized into two groups. You will fall into either class 2 or class 3. Class 2 mobility doesn’t have the permit to go into the roads, and the allowed maximum speed is four miles per hour.

On the flip side, class 3 scooters then you can go on four mph off the road and eight mph on the road. This scooter must have a maximum weight of one hundred and fifty kg without a driver. Their maximum width should be 0.85 meters.

The children who are under 14 years cannot drive them according to the law. Also, you have to be able to read the registration number of a car from 12.3 meters or 40 feet of distance.


Investing a little bit of time and efforts on learning safety rules and take care of your scooter can potentially save your life. Also, it will last a long time and be the best companion of yours. So make sure to follow the rules mentioned above whether you are just getting a mobility scooter or already have one.

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