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Razor A3 Scooter Review

Razor A3 scooter is an updated version of the widely popular Razor A2 kick scooter. I am planning to buy a kick scooter, so I decided to do extensive research to find the most suitable one for me. Razor a3 scooter this comes to the top of the list for various reasons. So here i am, willing to share my findings with you folks so you can know why you should get this one. One thing If you like to do more tricks and hops, the Razor A3 kick scooter is a pretty good choice. Let’s dig about more it in this Razor a3 scooter review

        Features and Specifications

  • The scooter is made of high-grade study aluminum
  • It is strong enough to carry up to 143 pounds in weight.
  • You can only carry around and store the scooter as it can be folded down quite easily.
  • The scooter uses the rear fender brake for smooth stops.
  • The rider has control over the scooter while going at slower and faster speeds.
  • The adjustable handlebar enables the user to adjust the height that’s suitable for him or her.
  • Its spring-less shock absorbing system ensures the safety of the user.
  • Quite suitable for 5 years children and above. also it can be used by the adults who still love to ride.
  • Bigger wheels make the ride simple and smoother and great for different types of tricks.
  • It has a dimension of 27 x 9 x 4.8 inches.
  • The shipping weight is merely 7 pound altogether.
  • Durable design and high-quality built with aircraft grade aluminum
  • Very lightweight and quite easy to carry due to the folding mechanism
  • Strong Wheels makes easier to control and stop in emergencies
  • Great for doing different tricks and techniques as it has better agility and balanced design
  • Perfect to build up speed
  • The motor cover gets scratched sharp turns
  • The battery and motor is bit high maintenance
  • The scooter is not foldable so it cannot be stored easily.
  • It is 25lbs so pretty heavy for you to take anywhere you want.

Excellent Build-in Quality ( Razor A3 Scooter Review )

The Razor A3 Kick Scooter has some great qualities. But most critical among them is the inclusion of the high-grade aluminum frame.

It’s used in making alloys for aircraft, so that helps it last longer and goes on many years.  The lightweight built of the razor a3 scooter is made possible due to this super light aluminum element.

Its high strength makes it suitable for the Childs as well as the adults who still want to enjoy doing tricks and techniques. It is very much stable and requires low maintenance.

Anti-shock wheels ( Razor A2 Kick Scooter)

If you look at its wheel, you can see the differences with the A2 kick scooter. Bigger size with urethane 125-mm inline-style wheels makes the ride smoother and more straightforward. 

But most importantly It comes with the anti-shock observing system. It makes the scooter to handle speed better.

The rear fender brake on this model that allows the user to stop the scooter as well immediately.

Easy to Carry Anywhere ( Razor A3 Scooter )

Another big reason to pick this scooter is its patented folding mechanism. It makes this scooter effortless to carry anywhere you want. It is satisfying being able to take your vehicle with you wherever you go.

It can also be quickly folded whenever necessary.  you can also store it as you want, makes your whole riding process more comfortable than ever.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Razor A3 reviews are widely positive reviews overall.  Razor a3 scooter review and peoples experience are far more positive than the negative ones. Not only that, A3 is currently one of the best selling and most popular kick scooter.

Razor a3 scooter has very less of downside overall. But there were a few points was identified by some customers. Like the its bit harder to fold or unfold the scooter. So you have to apply more force than usual.

However, it’s not a very deal, to be honest. if a user is entirely new to something it can be a little difficult to use. Using this scooter regularly will make the folding process easier. Also, it has a 180 days warranty so you can contact the support anytime if you do face any difficulties.


In a nutshell, the Razor A3 kick scooter is a perfect scooter which will be loved by any scooter love. It has a quite strong built-in amazing quality features that give the users a competitive edge.

Riding on this scooter is great fun too as you will be powering down yourself on the street with. So, If you particularly need a kick scooter, then you can surely go for this solid build A3 Scooter.

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