Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review 2019 | Buying Guide

Razor-E100 Electric Scooter review

Electric scooters are very much in trend these days as It can be an entertaining pastime for the kids. It can also help the parents or the adults to finish up small distance errands easily. It is not so fast that you will be worried about the accident and not too slow to bore your child.

Razor is one of those brands which are popular scooters making a brand, and they are into this industry for a very long time. Razor e100 electric scooter has a simple wide deck with rechargeable batteries which make it quite extraordinary. Here is in this Razor e100 electric scooter review for you will get to know all about the product better in detail.

       Key Features:

  • The scooter comes with foot deck that is 8 inches wide. Children who are not more than 120 lbs. will not have any issue with legs space in this scooter.
  • The Razor scooter is powered by a strong 100w chain that has a 24-volt battery as well.
  • In hub motor makes it is quite easy to troubleshoot if there is an issue going on. It also does not need regular maintenance like other motors.
  • The 24-volt battery can take 8 hours straight to charge. But make sure you are monitoring charging time religiously for keeping the battery in a healthy. state
  • The front air tire is 8 inches. It is an exceptional improvement that Razor E100 has improved it so much compared to their last scooter E90. You will notice that the scooter rides smoother due to this.
  • The handlebar has a rubber slip-resistant grip and bumpers so that kids can stop before falling.
  • The scooter features a pretty responsive brake. The brake is one hand operated which will help the front tire to stop.
  • You need to train your kid to hold the handlebar tightly when the scooter is running at its highest speed. It may lead to an accident If they are not doing so.
  • The scooter is pretty fast with ten mph speed which not so quick to make the parents to be concerned about kids safety
  • The accelerator needs to be held and released to the Razor E100 Electric Scooter to stop. For stopping it immediately, the brake is better.
  • The kickstand will help you to store it in a small place.
  • The motor starts smoothly
  • It is fast enough to match the demand for children. It is not too fast that it can lead to danger.
  • Front air tire gives a pleasant ride
  • The front brake is hand operated
  • The scooter is sturdy enough to go for years
  • Twist grip accelerator
  • The motor cover gets scratched sharp turns
  • The battery and motor is bit high maintenance
  • The scooter is not foldable so it cannot be stored easily.
  • It is 25lbs so pretty heavy for you to take anywhere you want.


Will the Razor E100 Work Without a Motor?

–    No.  The motor is attached to the wheel, and the engine does not let the wheel spin while it is not working.

How long the Battery of E100 Last?

–    It works for 30 to 40 minutes straight with full throttle usage.

What is the Weight Capacity of E100?

–    It says it can take 120 lbs f weight. But various Razor e100 electric scooter reviews on Amazon states that most adults can use it. They were satisfied with the loading capacity scooter that it holds them pretty well.

How many miles per hour does it go?

–    It goes 10 miles per hour.

How Tall is the Scooter?

–    The whole product dimension is 33.9 x 8.1 x 16.9 inches; 25.4 pounds

Who is Perfect for this Scooter?

It’s best not to allow kids under eight years for the scooter. There might be some kids who are exceptional and mature enough to handle the scooter at an early age. So you should decide when to give it to your child according to their age and maturity. It also depends on how balanced and strong your child is in general.

What about the Charging?

Make sure you charge the battery for 12 hours straight when you first install the scooter. Do not keep the battery in charge for more than 8 hours After that at any circumstance. Once you are done with the charging, do not forget to power switch off for avoiding an accident.


In this modern age, the lives of our kids have become much confined in smartphones and indoors compared to previous generations and its quite harmful for their growth. An electric scooter can be a great gift in this regard. It will cheer them up more than staring at the screen all day and let them live a more active childhood. It is what they are missing most right now. They are certainly going to enjoy a great time with Razor E100 Electric Scooters. We hope our Razor E100 Electric Scooter review helped you with all the necessary information before your purchase.